The Lance and Fan

Well, once again it’s been a while. I want to say I’ve been busy (which I have), or that I’ve been out of town (which I have). I’d like to make excuses about mental health (which I’ve struggled with) and a lack of self confidence (which I often deal with).

I’m done making excuses though. I haven’t been posting because it’s easier to play games on my phone in my free time. I’ve been avoiding people because there is no risk when I hide in my room. I’ve been giving myself far too much slack, and not being willing to push myself the way I should be. And you know, I don’t blame myself for it. It’s fine, it happened. It’s going to happen again, but I’m not going to make excuses for it anymore. That’s not to say I won’t discuss my mental health struggles (because they are real, and legitimate) or that I won’t have to take breaks while traveling (because that’s just life), but it is up to me to deal with that and continue pushing forward regardless.

Now, there will probably be a few changes around here. For one, because I’m back in school for something that isn’t writing, there is a good chance that a lot of my posts will be more art based. Since most of my writing here tends to be about creative struggles though, I don’t think that there will be much of a difference in content, only in examples. I will be posting images I’ve worked on, concepts I’m developing and other bits and bobs of life. This blog is probably going to become more of a personal journey than a professional one and you know, I think that’s just fine.

Fortunately the first thing I have to share is an image that is directly related to a story I’m working on that I have every intention of illustrating! For those of you who have stalked me online (not many, but I know there is a few), you may remember a short lived comic called ‘The Errant Years’. This is the story of the latest in a traditionalist line of knights traveling the world to earn her knighthood and her place as head of her family. The comic died an early death because of a severe artistic burnout (which was also the cause of Of Passion and Apathy’s unfortunate and indefinite hiatus). Now though I’m taking a different attack at it, and contemplating an illustrated novel. It’ll be a long time coming, and there won’t be much to share (except world building and concepts) for quite some time, but I’m happy to take everyone on that journey with me.

Rowan Gallant, our lovely heroine, is overenthusiastic, stubborn, and has very firm ideas of what the world is like. Like the rest of her family she worships Cassomina, the goddess of Chivalry. Cassomina is a badass lady who can take down a dragon with nothing but a knife (which Kazrafel, the dragon god of necessary evil has tested much to his chagrin and amusement), all while ensuring her outfit remains pristine, and that she shows exactly the right amount of ankle. Below is an image based on Cassomina’s concept as the Lady of the Lance and Fan, and perhaps a trophy she took from one particularly stubborn dragon god.

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