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Training. [The Catacombs, Part 5]

Training was horrendous. I’d always been a bit of a couch potato and the next six months would put military basic training to shame. All electronics were removed from us aside from government assigned laptops and phones. We were cut off from the world, physically, electronically, and emotionally. Somewhere between four and six every morning […]


Book Review: Under Midnight Lights: Part 2

The second book of her series on her love affair with ballet – wait, I mean a love affair between dancers, the book shows both so clearly – Lewandowski has outdone herself. The tension keeps you turning pages, and falling deeper in love with the little town ballerina who’s heart is torn between the two […]


Book Review: Annihilation

This was one of the most interesting and unique books I’ve read in years. I’m not a huge proponent of the horror genre, but I do have a fascination with anything lovecraftian and this definitely fits the bill. Area X is an inexplicable anomaly, and chews up and spits out the expeditions sent to figure […]

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The Lies I Tell Myself

This is a blog about lies, so lets start with the cold, hard truth. I’m a liar.  Not about the stuff people consider to be ‘big’ things. I don’t bother lying about money, or my relationship. I don’t lie about the fact that I’m medicated, or that I go to therapy. I try and be […]