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I’ve always hated canned food. There is something intrinsically wrong with meat mashed up and jammed into a preservation chamber and stored on a shelf for however long. Fruits a little better, but I’ve never enjoyed the mild hint of tin in my peaches. There wasn’t much of an option though, in the meals provided […]

Short Stories, The Catacombs, Writing

Rising [The Catacombs, Part 8]

If Leslie Twilling returned to the town she was born in, she wouldn’t recognize it. Dark suits, military uniforms, and the miscellaneous gear of scientists and specialists fill the streets and homes. Military personnel run drills down main street, and a putrid yellow smoke billows from the old pharmacist building. All of this could be […]

Short Stories, The Catacombs, Writing

Area X2291 [The Catacombs, Part 7]

After the disappearance of the Morrison kids, the federal government took a serious look into the situation in Rosmire. Rural disappearances are common enough, though tragic. Runaways, murders, kidnappings, accidents; anything that can happen in a city can happen in a small town. As harsh as it may sound, the government simply doesn’t have time […]