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Just a Momentary Break

Every muscle in my body aches. Every tendon and join is protesting, loudly, and my hands a dry and caked in charcoal. Discomfort means growth, though, right? I’m supposed to like the burn in my thighs, and the rocketing discomfort every time I try and raise my arm to make another stroke on paper. I’m […]

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It’s amazing how easily your mind can get in the way of your life. You would think your own mind would want you to be successful, to reach the goals you set, but it seems that for many of us it does the absolutely opposite. I’d like to say that life got busy – it […]

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I’ve always hated canned food. There is something intrinsically wrong with meat mashed up and jammed into a preservation chamber and stored on a shelf for however long. Fruits a little better, but I’ve never enjoyed the mild hint of tin in my peaches. There wasn’t much of an option though, in the meals provided […]

Short Stories, The Catacombs, Writing


We’re supposed to be brutally honest with ourselves about everything that happens in the Catacombs. Anything we feel, anything we sense is supposed to be checked, double checked, and then documented. I didn’t understand why until I’d finally entered the threshold. For the sake of that honesty then, I have to say, approaching the gate […]

Short Stories, The Catacombs, Writing

Training. [The Catacombs, Part 5]

Training was horrendous. I’d always been a bit of a couch potato and the next six months would put military basic training to shame. All electronics were removed from us aside from government assigned laptops and phones. We were cut off from the world, physically, electronically, and emotionally. Somewhere between four and six every morning […]